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 Sheena Booker (@girltinyshooter), April 2021

The World Unity Football Alliance (WUFA) is pleased to announce the WUFA Women’s World Unity
Cup. WUFA’s first-ever major tournament and women’s event is intended to take place in the
Summer of 2022. The host federation will be confirmed later this year. WUFA is excited to deliver
this truly ground-breaking event to fans of both non-FIFA football and women’s football.

The WUFA Women’s World Unity Cup will be one of the largest non-FIFA women’s football
tournaments ever held. The event will showcase eight teams that represent a diverse group of
peoples and regions from around the world. Information about participating teams will be
announced at a later date.

The tournament will be played over seven days, with a group stage followed by knockout and
championship stages. Each team will play five games over this duration.

The Women’s World Unity Cup is a needed and exciting opportunity for the promotion and
development of non-FIFA women’s football, which is too often seen as secondary to men’s football.
The tournament solidifies WUFA’s ambitions and support for equality and women’s football. It will
be the first large-scale tournament under the WUFA banner and the first truly global women’s
tournament in non-FIFA football.

We’re excited to bring this tournament to the forefront of our plans. Its development grew from
WUFA’s localised mini-tournament—the WUFA World Series—which saw its first-edition hosted by
International Surrey Football in May and the opening stage won by the Chagos Islands.

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