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1.Tell us about your team and the community it represents. What makes it special? 

We are AF Kuskatan and we represent the Nahuas de Kuskatan, also known as Los Pipiles de El Salvador. The community is the original inhabitants of present-day western El Salvador. We are special because we represent a strong and beautiful culture that brings and expresses the beauty of El Salvador.

2. What types of memories do you hope to create for your team’s fans?

I think just being able to have the opportunity to bring the futbol that they know and love to the pitch. And to see the connection that we all have in the form of futbol. The experience to see different styles of play together in one pitch is a magical moment.

3. What are your hopes as you join WUFA, and what potential do you see for this new collaborative alliance in worldwide football? 

We hope to spread the word more of Los Pipiles and the Nahuas de Kuskatan. Let more Salvadoreans around the world know and come to learn the language. Also have Salvadoreans know that many countries around the world have different cultures similar to ours. That we are all nearly the same to an extent. For our players, indeed an opportunity to get to know the world even more. To learn and obtain the endless knowledge of the teams around the world. That life is more than an adventure.