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Jon Cotterill-Bolsover joins WUFA as Interim Women’s Development Manager.

The World Unity Football Alliance is pleased to welcome Jon Cotterill-Bolsover as its Interim Women’s Development Manager, supporting WUFA members in the development of women’s football. Jon has years of experience supporting and developing the women’s game, most recently coaching the Afghanistan Women’s Development team, having played a friendly against WUFA side International Surrey Football in May.

As well as this Jon has coached with the Chesterfield Ladies FC, taking a youth team to the Gothia Cup in Sweden.

This new role will see Jon support and help develop women’s football in WUFA, still very much in its infancy. With plans to host an inaugural WUFA Women’s World Unity Cup in the coming years Jon’s role in helping members build and develop their women’s teams will be a vital step in WUFA’s overall growth and support the women’s games in these regions and communities.

WUFA currently has 19 members, with approximately 7 with active or developing women’s teams, we hope with Jon’s support that these figures will improve.