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Through a letter from the President of the South American Council of New Federations (CSANF), Gonzalo E. Parada, the eleven teams Council joins WUFA’s efforts and mission to bring people together through the beautiful game of football.

Full letter’s content:

On behalf of the South American Council of New Federations and as President, I am sending you this document that formalizes our intentions to be able to actively collaborate with the activities that the World Unity Football Alliance will carry out.

CSANF promotes and practices the same principles and values that WUFA has decided to represent: Union, Fraternity, Solidarity and sportsmanship.

This coincidence brings us closer to you and forces us to present ourselves as support for your project within the South American continent.

The South American Council of New Federations has worked since its creation in 2007 with all the organizations of the Non-FIFA World to achieve that the objective is one: May all the inhabitants of the world who want to represent their roots through football be heard.

We make ourselves available to start working together and to make our affiliated teams welcome in this new space called WUFA.