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We are delighted to be announcing a new logo for the World Unity Football Alliance. Founded in July 2020 by Gabriel Stauring to build a collaborative effort between value-aligned teams with a mission to promote hope, opportunity, and universal human rights while celebrating the joy of bringing people together through the most beautiful of games: Football. Our united core values include empathy, compassion, equity, honesty, and respect for universal human rights. We work equitably together on projects, campaigns, and events that elevate the Alliance’s mission and values, and those of each of our teams.

The new logo unveiled today will provide WUFA with a fresh look while continuing to incorporate many of the same elements of the previous logo as it continues to seek and build new opportunities for its 19 members based around the world. WUFA debuted the World Series tournament in 2021, played in Surrey and featuring 4 teams, the tournament saw the first tournament competed under the WUFA banner, won by the Chagos Islands. The new logo will begin to be featured on both social media and the organization’s website moving forward. And include full colour and monochrome and a range of formats providing the new logo with a wide scope of flexibility in its use by the organisation and its members. The World Unity Football Alliance is also pleased to unveil the logos of its premier men and women’s tournaments named the WUFA Men’s World Unity Cup and WUFA Women’s Unity Cup.

The logos that will be used to represent WUFA plans to host its own major international tournaments for members and include both English and Spanish versions. WUFA remains ambitious in its plans to host such tournaments and these logos will feature at every edition of each tournament including all graphics, websites and communications moving forwards.